Psychic Reader

Psychometry is a type of extra-sensory ability where the best psychic readers can access the energy that an object gives off. The energy contains the objects past and information about previous owners. When either placed in the person’s hand, held against the forehead, or placed against the abdominal region (the location of the solar plexus), the psychic will pick up on emotions, sounds, smells, tastes, or scenes that have been imprinted on the object. In order to understand psychometry, it is important to know the history of it and how it works, but to also know that it is a skill that can be practiced by anyone.

phychiscHistory of Psychometry

As a college professor, Joseph Rodes Buchanan conducted experiments on his medical students. He placed various medications into unlabeled vials and asked his students to identify the medication contained inside. He found that some of his students were able to identify the pills with a high accuracy. From these experiments, he concluded that all objects retained memories that could be accessed. To describe this phenomenon, Buchanan, in 1842, coined the term, “psychometry,” which was taken from the Greek words psyche, meaning soul, and metron, meaning measure.How it WorksThere are 2 prominent explanations as to how psychometry works: vibrations and auras.

According to the vibration theory, at a subatomic level, every object exists as vibrations. Because of this, objects will have impressions that are left within these vibrations. Psychics who are skilled at psychometry are able to access these impressions and know about the actions or emotions surrounding the object.Auras are the other explanation as to how psychometry works. According to proponents of this explanation, all objects possess a field of energy that surrounds it. This energy field is known as an aura and is something that all humans possess as well. When a person comes into contact with an object, a piece of their aura is deposited into microscopic pores located within the object. The longer the person possesses the object, the more time an object has to collect pieces of this aura. When a psychic touches the object, they are able to sense the aura of the owner that has accumulated within the object.

How to Develop Your Psychometry Ability

It is commonly believed that each person has a natural ability to be able to read objects. It is just like any skill that needs to be practiced and developed. The following is an exercise that may help you to develop you skills. Remember, accuracy may be low in the beginning, but should increase with practice.

Do not be discourages and keep trying.

1. Find a quiet location.

2. Sit in a comfortable location with your eyes closed.

3. Have someone place an object into your hands. Make sure it is an object that they have owned. The longer they have owned it, the stronger the impression will be.

4. Allow yourself to accept all impressions that come to you, even if it does not make sense to you.

5. Say out loud every sense or piece of information that you are receiving. Do not second-guess yourself.

6. Confirm your impressions with the person to determine your accuracy.