Types of Psychic Readings

psychic readingsPsychic reading is an attempt by an individual (a psychic) to know more about unclear events by using heightened natural abilities beyond the normal human senses. Psychic readings are normally done by experts, often people who’ve deep knowledge in human psychology. With numerous uncertainties in today’s world, most people live in a state of anxiety and phobia, constantly dubious about the unpredictable future. Psychics have developed various techniques that can help provide reprieve for the current and the anticipated situations. The use of psychic readings to relief various paranormal situations has increased throughout the globe because people are in need of answers concerning their lives, society, wealth, careers and families.


The best way to know about the future is by visiting a psychic to guide you through the process. There are several types of psychic readings you can find out there. Read on below to identify the type that fits your goal and provide you relief quickly.

  • Cleromancy: This is the oldest form of psychic reading that still exist. Today, cleromancy is practiced by throwing dice, stones or bones. The person in charge will then analyze the distance, orientation and mutual proximity of the objects thrown. This type of psychic reading is useful for people who want to unravel about certain things in their lives.
  • Cartomancy: With this technique, a reader derives different aspects of an individual’s past, present and the future by giving meanings to how a person plays cards. Even though was in use as early as the 14th century, there has been resurgence in its popularity with lots of oracle and angel decks now available online.
  • Clairvoyant: This technique is specific for particular readers. Psychics possessing clairvoyance are capable of seeing visions/images that say something about the future of a person’s life. They are able to use the client’s energy to know about their past, present and future moments.
  • Palmistry and Rune readings: Palmistry involves reading a person’s palm to foretell about the future. On the other hand, runes are ancient alphabets which are casted onto a mat so that the anticipated future events can be distinguished from the way runes fall.
  • Numerology: This is very common and involves studying numbers and how it applies to one’s life. Numbers can be manipulated in such a way that they give a certain pattern which relates to particular events in a person’s life.
  • Lithomancy: The technique involves tossing down crystals and gemstones and reading the patterns they form as they fall. A lithomancer envisages the client’s future using a quadrant map based on the proximity, orientation and location of the patterns.

There are other types of psychic readings offered by California Psychics including psychometry, channeling, remote viewing, telepathy and much more but the aforementioned can give you a general idea of how psychics predicts one’s future.

Looking For Answers in All the Wrong Places

psychic signOn our journey through this stage we call life, we all have or do question something. The problem is most of us are just having to come up with our own conclusion just to get on with life. Even if that conclusion fixes things for now that question is still going to sit with you. Some questions will fade away but for those ones that won’t you need to get the right answers. That way you can finally shut that door. There is one way to get those answers once and for all and that is with the help with a reading from a clairvoyant.

Questions on Love

There can be many questions relating to love. Some of the most common are: Will you find it? When will you find it? Who will you find it with? Are they the one? Marriage? Cheating? Of course there are more, but those are ones that many want to know and a psychic can answer those. It will let you know if the decisions you are making are the right ones or the wrong ones. They can tell you if you haven’t found the right person, where you may finally find them and when. That way you can let it happen as it should instead of trying so hard to make it happen when it’s not supposed to be. Spouse or significant other acting like they are hiding something? They may finally be able to answer that for you and tell you what it is. In some instances it may just be a confirmation what you already know deep down.


Hit a dead end in your career? Feel like you are just not moving up like you wanted to? Wondering if it is time for a career change? Wondering when you will find a job? These are many questions that people want answered too. If you have been pondering a career change but don’t know if you should risk it an psychic reading can help you answer that as well as all the other questions. They can tell you when you may be getting that promotion your waiting for, when you may be getting a better job offer or more. So go ahead and see what your future has in store for you.

Missing a Loved One

Did a loved one pass suddenly or unexpected and you have questions? Maybe, you were not able to say goodbye and you still need that closure of knowing they are okay. Most psychics can tap in to someone who has past, but you never know what answers you will get. However, for most any contact is enough to help someone get through a hard time. During a psychic reading you will finally be able to get that closure you have been needing.

So when you have questions, don’t live with them from now on. Go ahead and get all the answers you are looking for with the help from someone who really knows. Call a Psychic for your reading today, you will feel so much better that you did.

Psychic Reader

Psychometry is a type of extra-sensory ability where the best psychic readers can access the energy that an object gives off. The energy contains the objects past and information about previous owners. When either placed in the person’s hand, held against the forehead, or placed against the abdominal region (the location of the solar plexus), the psychic will pick up on emotions, sounds, smells, tastes, or scenes that have been imprinted on the object. In order to understand psychometry, it is important to know the history of it and how it works, but to also know that it is a skill that can be practiced by anyone.

phychiscHistory of Psychometry

As a college professor, Joseph Rodes Buchanan conducted experiments on his medical students. He placed various medications into unlabeled vials and asked his students to identify the medication contained inside. He found that some of his students were able to identify the pills with a high accuracy. From these experiments, he concluded that all objects retained memories that could be accessed. To describe this phenomenon, Buchanan, in 1842, coined the term, “psychometry,” which was taken from the Greek words psyche, meaning soul, and metron, meaning measure.How it WorksThere are 2 prominent explanations as to how psychometry works: vibrations and auras.

According to the vibration theory, at a subatomic level, every object exists as vibrations. Because of this, objects will have impressions that are left within these vibrations. Psychics who are skilled at psychometry are able to access these impressions and know about the actions or emotions surrounding the object.Auras are the other explanation as to how psychometry works. According to proponents of this explanation, all objects possess a field of energy that surrounds it. This energy field is known as an aura and is something that all humans possess as well. When a person comes into contact with an object, a piece of their aura is deposited into microscopic pores located within the object. The longer the person possesses the object, the more time an object has to collect pieces of this aura. When a psychic touches the object, they are able to sense the aura of the owner that has accumulated within the object.

How to Develop Your Psychometry Ability

It is commonly believed that each person has a natural ability to be able to read objects. It is just like any skill that needs to be practiced and developed. The following is an exercise that may help you to develop you skills. Remember, accuracy may be low in the beginning, but should increase with practice.

Do not be discourages and keep trying.

1. Find a quiet location.

2. Sit in a comfortable location with your eyes closed.

3. Have someone place an object into your hands. Make sure it is an object that they have owned. The longer they have owned it, the stronger the impression will be.

4. Allow yourself to accept all impressions that come to you, even if it does not make sense to you.

5. Say out loud every sense or piece of information that you are receiving. Do not second-guess yourself.

6. Confirm your impressions with the person to determine your accuracy.